Laying Low

The past few days have been quite laid back.  We´ve gone to school, had another seminar (What role does culture play in my identity?), and had Spanish classes.  Our seminar from yesterday was interesting because we first started off by answering ¨What is culture?¨ in the beginning of the class.  We all had different thoughts and ideas on the subject.  Afterwards, we were all paired up with someone else, and were given an idex card with a word and its definition.  Some of these words included: ethnocentrism, cultural relativism, assimilation, acculturation, marginalization and intersectionality.  It was a great exercise for us to group together with other pairs and listen to everyone´s opinion on the words they were given.

Today was probably one of the sunniest days since we´ve been in San Jose de Minas.  In school today I had to supervise physical education all day.  Then we went to Spanish class and then a whole bunch of us played a game of fútbol with the locals.  Right now we´re about to head over to the PL´s house and watch a movie.

Tomorrow we leave for Otavalo around noon.  There we´re all staying in a hostel in town and going to the market.


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