Family First

This morning we were finally able to sleep in and enjoy a late afternoon.  Little did I know, Brooks woke up at around 8:00am and came into my room to wake me at around 9:00am.  He told me that breakfast was ready, so we ate together with David.  Brooks heated water for tea and served me a bowl of fruit too!  There was also a side of bread from the local bakery.

At around 9:30am, Vanessa and Annie knocked on our door and asked us if we wanted to go horseback riding with Trevor and Nick’s uncle’s horse.  Both Brooks and I got ready and we all met up with Josie also along the way.  We ran into both Trevor and Nick on our way to meet them.  Nick was on the horse and his uncle was nearby.  Their adorable family dog, Pinocho, came along for the ride too.  We all took turns riding on the horse, and headed up to la cruz (“the cross”).  It was on top of the large mountain overlooking the town San José de Minas.  It was a very simple yet difficult hike up to la cruz, mainly because of the altitude.  Once we reached the top, it was worth it all and so beautiful.

After about 15min of being on top of the mountain, we headed back down and all split ways and headed home.  In just a matter of hours though, one by one everyone from the group came over to our house to hang out.  I had already planned to have Trevor and Nick come over after lunch to start working on our media project.  It was nice to get a head start and brainstorm on what we’d like to accomplish for our media project.  A little while later, we all began talking about movies and planned to go to the PL’s place to use the projector and watch a movie.  We watched The Grand Budapest Hotel, which must’ve been my sixth or seventh time watching it.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the movie which was nice.

After the movie, we all went home and I got ready for dinner.  David, Kelly and Veronica joined Brooks and I for dinner and they invited us to go to Baños de Agua Santa, which translates to “Baths of Sacred Water.”  They will be taking us one weekend from Friday night to Sunday night.  Veronica shared with us how much she enjoys having us stay in her home, especially since David and Kelly don’t live at home anymore.  Brooks and I couldn’t have appreciated it more hearing that from her.  We both ran to our rooms to get our gifts for the family.  They were very happy to receive them and told us we are welcome back into their home whenever we please, and with whoever.  After dinner we all moved to living room and they showed Brooks and I family photo albums; Sebastian and Victor joined us as well.  It was a wonderful bonding moment for all of us.

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