Early Tuesday morning I woke up to sharp pains in my stomach.  Due to the pain it was difficult for me to stand or walk, so Josie walked me home from school.  I ended up spending all of my Tuesday cradled up in bed.  Throughout the day, Maria, our family cook, made me multiple cups of hot water with oregano and lemon.  She said it was some special drink that would help the pain in my stomach.

Wednesday I was able to go to school and teach English.  It was a fun, but very difficult because of the language barrier.  Many of the kids the day before were taught different body parts in English.  Josie and Zach would sing the “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” song.  It was nice to see a lot of them remember some of the words.  After school ended around 12:40pm, I went home to eat lunch and then took a nap.

At about 2pm, we had seminar that was titled Does education oppress or liberate?  We had a lot of different ideas and examples on how education could be oppressive.  For the most part, all of us seemed to agree on what forms of education are oppressive and what are liberating.  Another topic we covered was titled, How does education have the potential to empower?  Our group discussed ways of broadening perspectives, finding potential for personal growth & agency, and humanization.  Lastly, we discussed What is the difference between oppression and empowering education?  To start off this question, we defined “pedagogy,” which is a term that defines a relationship between the student, teacher, & subject.  From then on we went to discuss how the relationships of a teach and student could be oppressive, and then how they could both be empowering.

It was important for us to recognize whether or not we are an oppressor, or if we are being oppressed.  Developing a good foundation of education could help people learn all day, everyday for the rest of their lives.  We all seemed to agree that we as humans never stop learning, that we may have lots of knowledge on a specific subject, but only to a certain extend, and that there’s always so much more we can be educated with.

After seminar, a bunch of us either continued to do the workout called, “Insanity,” or play cards.  I was watching everyone play cards, while playing music on Kasha’s iPhone and speaker.  Eventually, it began to get dark out and very cold, so I ran home and went to bed immediately.

Thursday morning I woke up feeling 100% myself again.  Josie, Zach and I walked over to the school, but unfortunately there was one teacher that wasn’t there, along with the principle.  They all expected us to teach the one class the entire day.  Coming into the school, we only expected to teach English, being that’s the only thing we’re allowed to teach.  The teachers that were at school told us to just run through all of our lesson plans and teach math and history and other subjects.  It was just all very unexpected and unfortunate because we aren’t legally allowed to do that.  We called Chris and he stopped by the school and cleared everything up for us.  By the end of the day we taught a few classes English and supervised their physical education periods.

It was my first day of Spanish class later on Thursday, since I had missed Tuesday.  It was a lot of fun meeting my new teacher and being able to go outside to local stores and speak to the owners.  We were also taught different ways of teaching.  Our Spanish teacher gave us terms to use in a classroom setting and some techniques as well.

After class Vanessa, Annie, Leah, Allie, Paulina and Zach came home with Brooks and I.  We went out to our family store to buy Nutella, Oreos, and went to a bakery and bought some sweet bread and croissants.  When we went back home we all ate the snacks while watching Step Up, starring Channing Tatum.  It was fun to watch because it was all in Spanish, we thought it was ridiculous how none of the voice overs matched up.


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