Our Monday consisted of us visiting each of the four schools the group with be teaching.  There are two primary schools and two high schools that we will be teaching in throughout the duration of our time in San José de Minas.  Each of the groups are divided by Spanish speaking level.

When visiting all of the classrooms, children were running around everywhere.  They were so excited to find out that some of us will be teaching them for the next few weeks.  It was adorable meeting the students in primary school, especially while wearing their uniforms.  At the high schools, a lot of the students came up to us to ask us questions.

After visiting the four schools, we all parted ways to go home to lunch.  Today’s lunch started with a gelatin like soup, with a side of homemade popcorn.  Brooks and I were very confused so we just threw all the popcorn in our soup and ate it all together.  The main dish was rice, lentils and fried plantains.  The juice we had today was citrus-like and very tasteful.

Around 2:00pm we had another seminar on education.  We created our own timelines in our journals to show what age we learned about certain topics and whether or not they were successful.  Afterwards we were asked how we personally define “education.”  Then we began touching on potential media project topics.  These topics included environment/sustainability, economic growth/development/quality of life, public health/access to healthcare, education/employment, views on race, women in South America, and the role of english: is it necessary to learn?

Once our seminar ended, a few people from the group stayed to do a workout called, “Insanity.”  Instead I left with Vanessa and walked to Trevor and Nick’s house, who live about a 40min walk from town.  They live all the way on the other side of the mountain and have the most beautiful view of different farms, horses and cows roaming around and the sunset.  Every night they see the clouds lower and start pooling in over the mountains and fall down into the valley.  Definitely one of the best views I’ve seen so far throughout this trip.


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